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From shingle roofs to metal roofs, minor repairs and new installation, our residential roofing services can't be beat. Call Troyer Roofing & Construction today. We've got you covered. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Metal Roofs

For metal roof repairs and re-roofing, you can be assured that the restoration process we utilize at Troyer Roofing and Construction will stop leaks, inhibit rust, and provide your home with an energy-efficient coating designed to extend the life and attractiveness of your metal roof for years to come.

Troyer chooses to use Conklin Roofing System products because they are the best on the market. Our professionals will clean and prime as we reinforce your metal roof’s seams and fasteners. A highly reflective coat will be sprayed as a finish layer to provide excellent waterproofing and protection from wind and hail. This new surface will help reduce your utility costs and extend the life of your existing metal roof. And if a brand-new metal roof is necessary for your home, then you can trust Troyer professionals to install it with the greatest of care and back it with our Troyer customer satisfaction guarantee.