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From shingle roofs to metal roofs, minor repairs and new installation, our residential roofing services can't be beat. Call Troyer Roofing & Construction today. We've got you covered. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Shingle Roofs

Trust the professionals at Troyer Roofing and Construction to give you an honest evaluation of your residential roofing needs. If your current built-up shingle roof is in need of repair, we’ll identify any cracks or holes in the existing material and get right to work protecting your home against further leaks.

Often, only minor shingle roofing repairs are needed to address your home repair issues. Occasionally though, our customers require a more extensive re-roofing approach in order to address significant energy loss. If this becomes necessary, you can count on Troyer to perform the job with the highest standards of customer service and integrity. And if a brand-new roof should be needed, then we’ll make sure we inform you of the most reliable and technologically advanced options for your family’s home.